Electronic Resources Access Policy

Washington Parish Library
Electronic Resources Access Policy

* Computer resources contain a wealth of information.  Users should be aware some information might be outdated, inaccurate or offensive.
* PARENTS, not the library, are responsible for their children’s use of these resources regardless of age.
* The library is NOT responsible for any damage that may result from personal information (social security number, credit card number, etc.) being transmitted over the Web by the user.
* Research and educational information
* Surfing the Web and using email
* Utilizing full text databases
* Minors are forbidden to view inappropriate material on the Internet.
* Unlawful or unauthorized access to Web sites, i.e. “hacking”, is prohibited.
* Measures to restrict access to material that may be deemed harmful to minors has been installed.
* Illegal, unauthorized or unethical activity
* Manipulation of internal hardware of software, including downloading programs from the Internet: DO NOT DOWLOAD SOFTWARE.
* Transmission or downloading of any material in violation of state or federal laws.
* Operating any unauthorized downloaded software.
(Violators will lose their computer privileges and could face criminal prosecution.)
* Filters-In accordance with federal law, filtering is in place to block access to certain types of obscene or vulgar Web sites.  Upon entering such a site, access will be denied.
* Time-Initial sign-up time is one hour with 30-minute extensions, if available.
* Age-Children under 12 should have a parent or guardian work with them on the computers.
Parents must assume responsibility for their children’s use of the computers and should supervise their child’s Internet sessions.
* Computer use is free; however, black and white prints are 10 cents per page after first five free, color prints are 50 cents per page.
(The library reserves the right to seek compensation for replacement or repair costs to equipment damaged or destroyed by an intentional or negligent act of the user.)