Family Histories

1.1 Descendants of Hiram ADAMS, by Adams & Pigott

1.2 KEMP, TURNER, and ROBERTS Families on Little Silver
Creek, Washington Parish, Louisiana.  Story of Three
Pioneer families of early Louisiana, their Ancestors
and Progeny, by E. Russ Williams, Jr. (2 copies)  SAME
AS 1.7

1.3 Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob ALFORD, by Alford
(2 copies)

1.4  Journal of Cumann Selanchais BREINFNE (Babington’s), by

1.5  Albert and Eveline Brown BAHM Family, by McDaniel

1.6  “Kinsmen All” Descendants of Wettenhall WARNER and
Related Families, by E. Russ Williams, Jr. (3rd  Edition – 1991)

1.7  KEMP, TURNER, and ROBERTS Families on Little Silver
Creek, Washington Parish, Louisiana.  Story of Three
Pioneer families of early Louisiana, their Ancestors
and Progeny, by E. Russ Williams, Jr. (2 copies)

1.8  BERRYHILLS of Amite County, Ms., by Parker

1.9  Southern BICKHAMS

1.10 An Annotated Genealogical Listing of the Southern
BICKHAMS, by Crane

1.11 BRELAND Family, Early data in North and South
Carolinas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, by Ireland
(Same as 1.72)

1.12 John Robertson BRELAND, 1794-1875, by Ireland

1.13 BRELAND and ODOM Family, 1870-1939, by Ireland

1.14 BROCK Branches, History of James Brock Family, by Creel

1.15 A History of James BROCK Family, by Creel

1.16 BROWN, HOFFMAN, HUFFMAN, and Other Related Families

1.17 Fields of Broom, John BRUMFIELD and Margaret KELLY,
Their Ancestors and Descendants, by Clawson

1.18 Eugene F. BUNCH Term Paper, by Magee

1.19 Eugene F. BUNCH Story, by Magee

1.20 BURCH Records, by Magee

1.21 Samuel and Mary (MYERS) BURRIS Family, By Burris

1.22 CORKERNs and Cousins, by Corkern

1.23 CREEL Family, by Wall and Brown

1.24 CREEL Family, by Creel

1.25 Willis Daniel and Theresa Lozano WOOD MAGEE, by

1.26 The FENDLASON Family, by Magee and Robertson

1.27 Benjamin Thomas FISHER and Descendants of William
MAGEE I, by Fisher

1.28 FOYLE (FOIL) Genealogy, by Magee and Hamster

1.29 From Whence They Came, by Kinsley

1.30 A Louisiana Settlement Samples: Genealogy of the
Marshall AGUILLARD and Eugenie COURVILLE Family, Vol.
1 by Carole B. Knight

1.31 On Through The Years With Abner JENKINS, by Holden
(SEE: 1.156 for 1997 Edition)

1.32 Recollections of T.C.W. MAGEE, D.D.S.Tulane University
Dental School, 1922-1927

1.33 The KENNEDY Clan, by Taylor

1.34 KINGS of St. Helena Parish, Story of Jessi and Sofia
KING and Their Descendants, by King

1.35 Photos Dr. T.C.W. MAGEE

1.36 Sunrise-Evening Star: Story of H. W. L. LEWIS of
Lewiston, La., Tangipahoa Parish and His Welsh Kinsmen
in Wales and America, 1700-1975

1.37 MAGEE, BARBER, THOMAS Descendants, by Magee (Same as

1.38 A Teacher (Jane ANDREWS MAGEE), 11-25-1843, 11-4-1914,
by Thomas

1.39 MAGEE Kin, by Dier-Givens

1.40 MAGEE – MCGEHEE File, by Andrea

1.41 William MAGEE I and His Descendants, by Gibbs

1.42 MCGEHEE Descendants, Vol.I, by Grider (Same as 1.80)

1.43 MCGEHEE Descendants, Vol. II, by Grider

1.44 Alphabetical List by Surnames of Ancestors of Harold
MELTON, (Including  Descendants), by Melton

1.45 Thomas James MILLER Family, by Morris

1.46 NUTT Family, by Nutt

1.47 Descendants of Jacob OTT of South Carolina and
Louisiana, by Wallis

1.48 Dr. T.C.W. MAGEE Certificates, Documents, Clippings

1.49 POINGDESTRE-POINDEXTER: A Norman Family, by Landers

1.50 Ancestry of Laura Elaine RIGSBY, by Rigsby

1.51 Silver Creek SIMMONS Family, Descendants of Willie and
Jane GOSLIN SIMMONS, Vol. 1, by Campbell and Simmons

1.52 Silver Creek SIMMONS Family, Descendants of Willie and
Jane GOSLIN SIMMONS, Vol. 2, by Campbell and Simmons

1.53 Memoirs of John Wesley BATEMAN

1.54 General Leroy Augustus STAFFORD, His Forebearers and
Descendants, by Stafford

1.55 Clan STEWART: STEWART Family, by Talley

1.56 STRINGER Family and Kin, Early American Pioneers of
Lawrence County, Ms., by Vogtle

1.57 Descendants of David and Samantha CARSON STRINGFIELD,
by Magee (Same as 1.82)

1.58 Richard STRINGFIELD Family, by Magee (2 copies)

1.59 Descendants of Richard STUBBS of Hull, Massachusetts,
1619-1677, by Heaney

1.60 Emanuel SYLVEST Story, by Sylvest and Simmons (2

1.61 Sylvest Story:Francis SYLVEST Story, by Sylvest

1.62 John TALLEY and Anna MAGEE Family, by Holden and Talley

1.63 Descendants of John SPELL and Cecelia MCLEMORE by
Doris Holden

1.64 “Kinsmen All” Descendants of Wettenhall WARNER and
Related Families, by Williams (1st Edition-1964)

1.65 “Kinsmen All”, by Williams (2nd Edition-1968)

1.66 WELLS Family of Louisiana and Allied Families, by

1.67 WILEY, CORE, BENNETT, and Other Ancestors, by Willie

1.68 History of Genealogy of Thomas WILKES, ca. 1735 and
1809, and His Descendants.  1965, by Bass

1.69 The THIGPEN Tribe, by Smithy

1.70 Thomas James MILLER Family, by Mrs. R. B. Morris (Tena)

1.71 MAGEE, BARBER, THOMAS Descendants, by Magee (Same as 1.37)

1.72 BRELAND Family, Early Data in North and South Carolina,
Mississippi, and Louisiana, by Breland (2 copies)  (Same
as 1.11)

1.73 James BROCK, The Elder, by Creel

1.74 John SCARLE – Sarah “Sally” BROWN Family, by Magee

1.75 Family of Leonard VERNADEAU AND Sarah HUTTO

1.76 A Title to Heritage, by Clawson

1.77 They Came West, by Oushola Chapter

1.78 Settling In-Early Settlers of Washington AND St.
Tammany Parishes, by Jenkins Hebert

1.79 WILLIAMS Family, by Nutt

1.80 MCGEHEE Descendants, Vol. I, by Grider (Same as 1.42)

1.81 MCGEHEE Descendants, Vol. III, by Grider

1.82 Descendants of David and Samantha CARSON STRINGFIELD,
by Magee (Same as 1.57)

1.83 SLOCUM Family of the South, by Smyth

1.84 Official Publication of the American Family
Association. ALFORD Genealogy, Vol. V

1.85 Official Publication of the American
Family Association. ALFORD Genealogy, Vol. VI

1.86 Official Publication of the American
Family Association. ALFORD Genealogy, Master Book List

1.87 William MAGEE and Mary JAMES and Descendants 2 Copies

1.88 FONTENOT Family History

1.89 The Louis CRAIN Family, by Bufford Crain

1.90 STRAHAN Family Tree, by Strahan

1.91 MOODY’s and Kin; by Amacker and Stewart

1.92 William Penn KNIGHT Family History, Washington Parish, LA

1.93 A POPE Family History, by Hullum, Forbes, McLemore and

1.94 Jim and Ophelia BURKHALTER Family Reunion

1.95 Bala Chitto SIMMONS

1.96 HINES – SUMRALL and BUNDY – BAKER With Related Families

1.97 Descendancy Chart of George and Patricia WEEKS

1.98a SEALS From All Around, by Seals Part 1

1.98b SEALS From All Around, by Seals Part 2

1.99 WHEAT Sheaves, Vol. 1

1.100  LEA Families in Caswell and Person Counties, North
Carolina, and in Virginia Before 1800, by Rose

1.101  Report of Research of the LEA Family, In Virginia and
North Carolina Before 1800, by Rose

1.102  Genealogical Outline of the Descendants of John BOND,
Sr., Pike Co., Ms. and Thomas J. MILLER, Pike Co., Ms,

1.103  STAFFORD and DEARMAN Descendants 1967

1.104a Abstract History of the FORTINBERRY Family, by

1.104b Abstract History of the FORTINBERRY Family, by

1.105  BRELAND Families of the Southern States,
1755-1875, by Charles Gregory Breland  (2 copies)

1.106  Descendants and Ancestors of Isaac Luther SMITH, Sr. of
Georgia and Mississippi, by Mullen

1.107  Peter MITCHELL Family, by Rufus Mitchell, Poplarville,

1.108  DAVIS Family History, by Thomas Davis, Gulfport, Ms.

1.109  SLOCUMs.  SLOCUMBs of the South

1.110  George Walter CROCKER Family, 1874-1942, by Benny Doyle Crocker

1.111 HARVEY Family, 1600-1979, by Winnie Jo (Fornea)

1.112 PEARSONS Past and Present, by Rosemary F. Lovell

1.113 Leonidus Vincent SHILLING.  His Ancestors, Descendants
and Related Families From 1737 to Present Day

1.114 Jack JONES and Mary EZELL, by Vivian Richardson

1.115 PITTMAN Folks, donated by Bonnie Dier

1.116 Swinton BARBER Family, by Judieth A. Magee

1.117  Direct Lineage of Young Peter BANKSTON.  Eight
Generations 1640-1878. Compiled by Jesse Bankston

1.118  Kinza JOHNSON and Descendants 1801 to Present, by Frank
Lewis Brown

1.119 BOND Family, by Marjorie Bond Zettie

1.120  RESTER Family History (2 copies)

1.121  Descendants of Thomas Jefferson MOORE (wife: Annie

1.122  Stella and Lenora SHERIDAN Tragedy, by Lana E. Sheridan

1.123  ROGERS Family

1.124  VARNADO Family

1.125  Zachariah COLLINS (Nancy COLLINS HUNT), by Annie
Garland Parker

1.126  Name and Family of MCGEE or MAGEE, by Media Research

1.127  ADAMS Family History, by Ruth Pigott

1.128  Matthew RUSHING Descendants in South Ms., 1810-1995, by Helen Rushing Jones (SEE 1.161 for 1998 ADDENDUM)

1.129  FORTENBERRY Families of Southern Ms., by Adrianne
Fortenberry Criminger

1.130  Southern BICKHAMs (Third Edition), 1994, by John Dorr

1.131  KENNEDY Klan, by Barbara K. Taylor (1996 Edition)

1.132  Descendants of John PIGOTT the Elder, by Frank Lewis

1.133  John PENTON and Mary DUNGEON of Mississippi and Their
Descendants 1800-1996, by Mildred Penton  Richbourg

1.134  Descendants and Ancestors of William Edward PORTER and
Mary Nina SPURLOCK, by James W. Porter,  1989

1.135  Manson Charles CORKERN, by Nell Corkern

1.136  GRAHAM Family, by Joel Graham, 1981 (2 copies)

1.137  STROMEYER of New Orleans, by John W. Baxter, 1995

1.138  “By Juckers” William “Juckers” SMITH Family History
Book, by Velma Smith

1.139  FORNEA Family… “You Are Your Own Cousin”, by Winnie Jo
Fornea Stockstill

1.140  BANKSTON Family Lineage, by Edna Robertson Vacher

1.141  Our William Middleton GRAVES by Mildred Penton Richbourg

1.142  PIERCE (PEIRCE) Genealogy: Descendants of Humphrey Asa
PEIRCE (PIERCE), compiled by: Florence  Peirce Peck

1.143  PEARSON Family in Early Washington Parish, by Dixie Moss

1.144  Clan MCNAB, by Margaret K. McNabb

1.145  Jacob MAGEE and Mary SCOTT, by Judy Magee

1.146  NOBLES Family: Descendants of Joseph, Bert, and Francis
G. Nobles, by Claudette Nobles Rogers (2 copies)


1.148  Jacob MAGEE Lineage, by Ray Wilson (2 copies)

1.149  BULLOCK Twigs and Branches, by Marie Luter Upton

1.150  FOYIL Family History, by Rome Cook Foyil, amended by
Michael Welsh

1.151  Frank Randolph WILSON Story and Related Lines, by Vince
E. Sylvest

1.152  Genealogy of the ROBERTSON Family, by Edna
Robertson Vacher

1.153  Partial History of the Wiley MARTIN and Mary
L. Quin Martin Family compiled by Irma C. Lampton

1.154  MCGEHEE Family, by Edna Campbell

1.155  James Pascal SMITH “Poplar Jim”, 1811-1891 Pioneer
of South Ms., by Lena S. Amacker

1.156 “On Through The Years” with Abner JENKINS, by
Holden (1997 EDITION)

1.157 SLOCUMs, SLOCUMBSs of the South, by Smyth

1.158 Louis CRAIN Family, by Bufford Crain (1998)

1.159 William TAYLOR Family, by William Taylor

1.160 House of SEAL by Herbert Seal

1.161 Matthew RUSHING Descendants in South
Mississippi, 1810-1995, by Rushing
{1998 Addendum} (See 1.128)

1.162 FORD Family, Vol. I, donated by Barbara K. Taylor

1.163 FORD Family, Vol. II, donated by Barbara K. Taylor

1.164 Lineage and Descendants of John Edgar
DILLON 4-24-1877 – 5-8-1958, by Judieth A. Magee

1.165 LEE Family, donated by Barbara K. Taylor

1.166 BALL Family, donated by Barbara K. Taylor

1.167 REGAN Family, donated by Barbara K. Taylor

1.168 Descendants of Thomas Swift LEWIS, Sr. and
Sallie FORD, by Opal Rushing

1.169 ARD Family History, donated by Barbara K.

1.170 ERVIN Family in Mississippi, by Clara E.

1.171 Descendants of John SPIERS of Pearl River
County, Ms., by Gary Spiers, Vol. I

1.172 Descendants of John SPIERS of Pearl River,
County, Ms., by Gary Spiers, Vol. II

1.173 CORKERN Have Many Cousins, Book II,
by Nelwyn Corkern

1.174 Early Settlers of the Florida Parishes of
Louisiana, by Frederick L. Watts

1.175 BRUMFIELDs Revisited (Ancestors and Descendants
Of George Y. and Martha Penny Brumfield,
by: Ruth B. Randolph)

1.776 Cpl. Alfred E. PENTON and his descendants,

1.177 Descendants of John Seaborn ALFORD,
born 1807 LA

1.178 Family Tree of the Descendants of John FISHER
of Washington Parish, La., by: Norman L.
Trebes, Jr.  (NO INDEX)

1.179 Courtney Tabitha AND John BROOM/E of
South Ms. – History and Descendants by
Mary Louise Anderson

1.180 LEE Family II, donated by Barbara K. Taylor

1.181 Ophelia and Jim BURKHALTER – Legacy of
“Life”, by Stella Carral

1.182 BALL Families of the South, by George R. Watson

1.183 DILLON Descendants, by Mona Dillon Ray

1.184 LUTER Clan, by Marie Luter Upton (INDEX)

1.185 MILLERS of Sand Mountain and Allied
Families, by Julia Ann Crum Benoit

1.186 Descendants of Captain Thomas PITTMAN,
Sr., by James Calvin (J.C.) Pittman, Sr.

1.187 Lines of John D. Sandifer. SANDIFER, Vol. I,
South Carolina to Mississippi and Westward,
by Annie S. Trickett

1.188 Descendants of William Cephas MCMICHAEL and
Elizabeth BAXTER JENNINGS – First McMichaels
in the Florida Parishes, by Leah Simpson

1.189 HUGHES of Tangipahoa Parish, by Ella Hughes

1.190 Descendants of James GARRETT

1.191 Nehemiah CARTER Descendants and Allied Families,
by Lee and Linda Carter

1.192 William TAYLOR Descendants, by Bonnie Dier

1.193 Genealogy of WILKINSON and Kindred
Families, M. M. Wilkinson

1.194 Genealogical and Historical Abstracts
of Legal Records of Saint Helena Parish,
La. 1804-1870, by E. Williams, Jr.

1.195 Benjamin RICHARDSON and Related Families,
by Clyde Z. Poole (INDEX)

1.196 Supplement to William MAGEE and Mary Margaret
JAMES and Their Descendants 1770 – July 4,
1993 (See 1.87)

1.197 “WHEAT Sheaves”, Vol. II – Descendants of
Joseph Wheat and Elizabeth Bagley, 1798-1997,
by Mardi Byrd Kelly

1.198 LEE and WOODWARD Family by Bonnie Dier

1.199 Journey of the MIXON Ancestors – From
Chatham to Osyka, by Paul Mixon

1.200 Story of Olide Paul SCHEXNAYDER and Family,
by Winona Schexnayder Magee

1.201 WADSWORTH, by Clyde Poole

1.202 CORKERN, WASCOMS, and BLACKWELLS of Southeast
Louisiana, By Nelwyn Corkern

1.203 MCELVEEN’s of Southeast Louisiana

1.204 Rezin BOWIE Family of Louisiana, by Virginia
Lobdell Jennings [INDEX]

1.205 Our Journey from Ireland to the United States – The
BATEMAN Family Genealogy Book, by Nelson Dawson

1.206 KEMP, TURNER and ROBERTS Families on Little
Silver Creek, Washington Parish, Louisiana.
Story of Three Pioneer families of early Louisiana,
their Ancestors and Progeny.  By E. Russ Williams,

1.207 Bogalusa.  The Magic City by Ginn and Williams

1.208 A Patriots Legacy: Family of Richard DILLON and
Ann LAWRENCE, From Bertie Co., N.C. to Southern
Ms. and LA., by Bevin Creel

1.209 Bartholomew’s Children: A Southern BALL Family,
by Henry Ball, Jr.

1.210 Francis and Emmanuel SYLVEST (Updated Edition),
by Bailey

1.211 A Gathering of GARRISONs, by Smith

1.212 Descendants of Uriah STEVENS and Nancy KEVIL,
by Evans

1.213 Sunshine AND Shadow. A history of the GOODBEE
and EDWARDS families in Southeast Louisiana by

1.214a Tangled Threads, Vol. 1, by Bufford Crain (2 copies)

1.214b Tangled Threads, Vol. 2, by Bufford Crain (2 copies)

1.215   PHARES Family. Genealogy & Connections, by
Frances D. Phares

1.216   Descendants of John WILLIAMS, by Harrell

1.217   LEBO Family History

1.218   The BAHMS

1.219   DAVIS Family History, by Thomas Davis

1.220   Ancestor Charts, by Washington Parish Genealogy
and History Society

1.221   Some of the Known Descendants of Jacob ALFORD,
by the Alford American Family Association

1.222   History of the KNIGHT Family from Virginia
through Bulloch Co., GA to Washington Parish,
LA, by Marion and Doyle Carroll

1.223   ROGERS Family by Southeastern Un

1.224   VARNADO Family

1.225   Jacob MILLER and Anne Marie Theigen Louisiana
Families – Six Generations Vol. I, by Murphy
Miller, Jr. (donated by Carole B. Knight)

1.226   Jacob MILLER and Anne Marie THEIGEN Louisiana
Families – Six Generations Vol. II Murphy Miller,
Jr. (donated by Carole B. Knight)

1.227   MAGEE Histories: The Progenitors and Desendants
by: Bevin J. Creel.

1.228   My Pioneer Ancestors by: Dewey Ray McKenzie.

1.229   Descendants of Bartolomew STOVALL (1655-1722)
First Five American Generations, compiled by:
Donald E. Bishop

1.230   Inventaire Des Tires De LA Maison De Billy (Paris)

1.231   Family of: Thomas James MILLER

1.232   The ties that bind us together GURR, Cindy Brock

1.233   MILLER and Allied Families by Lottie Harper

1.234  Murder of Deputies Wiley PIERCE and Wesley CRAIN, 1923

1.235  Parade of PARISHES: Wives and Descendants of Reverend Consider PARISH by Smith

1.239  Ancestors and Descendants of Jesse and Rosa
Ellzey SMITH by Charles Miller

1.240  Thru the Years: Family Records of the Venable BROWN and Other Families of St. Helena Parish, LA.  By Morris

1.241  A Veterinarian’s Life and A Veterinarian’s Wife, by Magee.

1.242  Descendants of Jeremiah & Joanna Dillon Smith

1.243  The Murder of Robert Wesley Crain and Wiley Pierce.  Written by Delos R. Johnson, Sr.

1.244  L’histoire et la genealogie de la famille Gravois, by Roland Anthony Gravois

1.245  Kinsmen All: Descendants of Wettenhall Warner & Related Families, by E. Russ Williams, Jr.  (CD format)