Non Fiction

Adult Non-Fiction

November 21, 2017

OBAMA, by Pete Souza. More than 300 pictures of the former president by his White house photographer, with behind-the -scenes stories.

LEONARDO DA VINCI, by Walter Isaacson. A biography of the Italian renaissance polymath connects his work in various disciplines.

BOBBY KENNEDY, by Chris Matthews. The New York senator’s journey from his formative years to his tragic run for president.

GRANT, by Ron Chernow. A biography of the Union general of the Civil War and two-term president of the United States.

SISTERS FIRST, by Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush. How the twin daughters of former president George W. Bush grew up in the public eye.

HACKS, by Donna Brazile. An account of the Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee and the fights within the party during the 2016 campaign.

ANDREW JACKSON AND THE MIRACLE OF NEW ORLEANS, by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yeager. Major General Jackson takes on the British in Louisiana.

WHAT UNITES US, by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner. A collection of essays that define the historical changes and essential institutions of America to suggest ways to overcome divisions within the country.

KILLING ENGLAND, by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard Major events and battles during the revolutionary War are told from the perspectives of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and others.

WE WERE EIGHT YEARS IN POWER, by Ta-Nehisi Coates. A series of essays that cover each year of the Obama administration, the writer’s own journey.

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