Non Fiction

Adult Non-Fiction

July 25, 2017

REDISCOVERING AMERICANISM by Mark R. Levin. The radio host argues that the founding fathers would be shocked by the expansion of modern government.

HILLBILLY ELEGY, by J.D. Vance.  A Yale Law School graduate looks at the struggles of America’s white working class through his own childhood in the Rust Belt.

ASTROPHYSICS FOR PEOPLE IN A HURRY, by Neil deGrasse Tyson. A straightforward, easy-to-understand introduction to the universe and the forces and laws that govern it.

DANGEROUS  by Milo Yiannopoulos. The alt-right provocateur criticizes political correctness.

AL FRANKEN, GIANT OF THE SENATE, by Al Franken. A memoir by the Democratic senator from Minnesota and former “Saturday Night Live” writer and performer.

THE SWAMP, by Eric Bolling. The Fox News host suggests how Donald Trump can fight corruption and cronyism in Washington.

UNDERSTANDING TRUMP, by Newt Gingrich. The former House speaker explains the president’s philosophy and political agenda.

OPTION B, by Sheryl Sandburg and Adam Grant. Sandburg’s experience after her husband’s sudden death and Grant’s psychological research combined to provide insight on facing adversity and building resilience.

I CANT MAKE THIS UP  by Kevin Hart with Neil Strauss. The comedian’s personal and professional life.

THEFT BY FINDING by David Sedaris. Excerpts from the writer’s diaries, 1977-2002.

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